Friday, January 13, 2017


There are times when I need to step out of things to de-stress or refocus, I need a change of pace or just a break from the everyday stuff. 

We moved recently. When our house went on the market we anticipated that it could take well over a year to sell. Other large, old homes in the neighborhood like ours had sometimes taken two or three years to move. So when we had an offer that involved closing in three months we stepped up our downsizing to warp speed. It was a full-time job to sort our possessions for donating, selling and tossing, and then getting the kids to come home from grad school to do the same. Then there was the packing - actually, that's one of my favorite parts of moving! But it was a lot of hard work.

Finally we left a clean and sparkling home for our buyers and hit the road. Three days of driving across country helped to put a period on that part of our lives but then we had the job of unpacking everything in Arizona, in the heat of July! More hard work.

To say we were a little frazzled after everything was unpacked and in its place is an understatement! Then my husband revealed that he had booked us in at a local retreat center for a two-day retreat. What a lovely surprise! He had never been on a retreat before and neither of us had been to this particular retreat center so it was an adventure for both of us.

We spent time together praying and meditating, and walked the grounds of the Franciscan Renewal Center that sits at the base of Camel Back Mountain in Scottsdale. It was just what we needed to refresh ourselves. 

No schedule, nothing to organize, no appointments just some well-needed peace and quiet.  

It was a gift to ourselves. I highly recommend it.


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