Set Aside A Place

We all need a place where we can be in peace, so that we can think and pray. To help us enter a state of quiet reflection it helps to have a place we can go to regularly. It may be a favorite chair in the bedroom, a particular rock by our local river or the spare room in the attic. A familiar setting can often mean we settle down more quickly, helping to block out distractions, and enabling us to focus.

This is a picture of CS Lewis's study at his house, "the Kilns", in Oxford. I can see him here, maybe pondering on his writing, or praying - being able to relax in this familiar space with the view of his garden.

At different seasons of our lives, the place we may find ourselves coming to God in reflection and prayer may change. When my children were little, the laundry room with the hum of the washer and dryer, and the regular movements of folding the laundry, helped calm me and provide me a space in my day to come before God. Later when I was busy car-pooling the kids and had a job in a local school, my time for contemplation was when I walked our dog round the local park. Our contemplative space will change over the years, and that's OK.