Monday, November 28, 2011

Contemplating Advent II

I find myself in a season that seems to be more filled with waiting than at any other time of my life. My husband travels a lot, with many trips abroad and although it’s a regular part of our lives, I still have a seed of uneasiness within me when he’s away, until I hear his voice on the phone. Nearly every week finds me waiting for his return.

My daughter graduated from college and is now doing internships abroad. She loves to travel and waiting for her to fly home, although not unusual, is still not easy, especially as she is gone for months at a time.

My son is away at college and it’s a 9 hour drive, so waiting for him to come home is now part of my routine.

Waiting. All this waiting is expectant and hopeful, but still not something I really want to have to do.

Then I think about my grandparents’ situation before I was born. After my parents got married they moved from England to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Back then there were no emails, no cell phones, no skype, just airmail. Not even international calls. It took weeks for letters and parcels to arrive. So my grandparents did a lot of waiting. At least I can call my daughter and email her whenever she’s in a town that has cell reception and internet access, and I can contact my husband and son daily, if I want to. My waiting is much easier than it was for my grandparents.

Simeon and Anna were two people who were faithful to God, and lived in Jerusalem when the Romans occupied it. Actually, Anna lived in the Temple, never leaving it. Anna was eighty-four, and although we don’t know how old Simeon was, the assumption is that he was also advanced in years. The Holy Spirit had revealed to Simeon that he would not die until he had seen the Lord’s Christ and Luke records that he had actively been waiting for the consolation of Israel.

One day, Joseph and Mary brought Jesus into the Temple for the purification rites established by the Law. The Holy Spirit had prompted Simeon to go to the Temple at the same time and so he saw Jesus. Instantly the Holy Spirit sparked recognition ... this baby was the Christ! Simeon praised God. He blessed the family. His wait was over. 

Anna also saw this tiny newborn, had the same recognition from the Holy Spirit, and gave thanks to Go., Immediately she went about telling everyone who Jesus was! She perhaps hadn’t realized she was waiting to see the Christ, but she was actively waiting on God. He rewarded both her and Simeon with a glimpse of eternity.

Like Simeon, we are also waiting for what we know is coming – the birth of our Saviour, the Hope and Heart of God. 

We get a glimpse of eternity at Christmas. That’s our reward for waiting.


  1. Great post, Sue. I don't like to wait either, but it seems that's what God loves for us to do. Because it's in the waiting that we hear His voice.

    And as we wait for Him, we spread the Good News!

    I pray God's blessing as we celebrate the Gift and the Giver!

  2. I am doing an Advent series also and was so glad to find your blog. I will be back. great thought provoking post.

  3. Vonda - you're so right. While we wait we should not be inattentive or inactive regarding God's work.
    Jean - I'm so glad you visited! I will check out your Advent series.