Monday, June 24, 2013

Fireflies and Super Moons!

Last night I saw my first firefly of the season. I still get a thrill watching the little flashes of light dance through our flowers and shrubs. There's that itch to go grab a jar to catch them in so that we can watch them for ever.

Flying fire, or Lightning Bugs ..? I think Lightning Bugs said in a beautiful southern drawl is definitely my favorite name for them.

My continued wonderment with the little things stems, I think, from the fact that I was 25 years old the first time I saw one. So I have that childish enthusiasm for them now that I missed out on when I was young.

Then tonight I'm hoping to see the super moon, one of three in 2013. Apparently this one will be the closest to earth of the three, so is the most special. When I was a child, great emphasis was always placed on the thing that was the 'most special.' And to be a 'most special' super moon just seems to be a superlative event!

Tim McCord via

So this week I watch light - sparkling flashes of light produced by an amorous winged beetle, and the reflected light of the sun beamed down to earth through the dark by the large rocky satellite that we call the moon.

And this light reminds me of God.

Sometimes I experience Him in small glimpses, almost out of the corner of my eye. He seems to delight in surprising me with His presence when I least expect it, when I'm focused on other things. He gifts me with a flash of knowledge of His presence with me, a comforting touch, or a word that heals.

But at other times He is unmistakably present, and glorious! He is not on the periphery, but I feel Him as fully present, and can bask in His love. I often experience God in this way when I'm in community, at church, both in times in times of heartfelt need when my church family comes together to pray, and to tug at the hem of his robe, and say "Please ..." and in times of celebration when we say "Thank you."

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