Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Maestro of the Lake

In silver grey raiment,
He looms,
Poised and pedantic,
Overseeing the adagio lakeness.

Thrashing in shallows 
Are former koi
Now dark, whiskered Pirates 
Bereft of their gold.

Percussive plop of turtles and frogs,
Launched sideways 
By twigs snapping.
Joyous melody of finch and fellows
Singing in their creation.

Stand in shadowed snail shallows
And am transfixed.
Drawn to heaven by
The transcending flight of hawk,
Lifted by the lake
But grounded 
Back to where I need to be.

The Maestro soars on wide wings
Cutting the sky like an arrow.

Photo: William the Coroner

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